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Presentation och Q&A med Conny Karlsson Lundgren, IASPIS residensstipendiat på ISCP i New York

My current Studio Residency at ISCP: International Studio & Curatorial Program in NYC has (for obvious reasons) mostly been taking place online. And so will the 2021 ISCP Spring Open Studios virtual event, April 27 & 28, which means people outside NYC can join. Welcome!

On April 28, at 5.30 pm (CET) /11.30 am (EDT), I give a short 15 minutes presentation incl. Q&A on my work The Teenage Runner. The performance combines a multitude of voices in retracing memories of adolescence through the sense of touch. Simultaneously, it speaks about collecting as an intimate act of lust and desire, but primarily a means of creating a room of one’s own.

Registration is required HERE >>

Full program for both days HERE >>

My Studio Residency is sponsored by IASPIS: the Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s International Program.