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Repeat-karaoke by current IASPIS studio grant holder Linnea Hansander (SWE)

Repeat-karaoke is a karaoke night with just one song on the menu, available at normal, super slow or high speed. It’s a collective commitment to stick with it and see if we can repeat our way through and beyond the lyrics and music and reach some other kind of meaning.

On this occasion we’re doing “Without you”, the love song made world hit by Mariah Carey. It’s a two hour commitment, but we take turns singing. If you prefer you can of course just stay in the audience, it’s a team experience.

About Linnea Hansander
My work is multidisciplinary, focused on people, vibes and existential questions, and usually participant-based with elements of performance (e.g. parties, karaoke, readings, set designs, props and puppets).

My first background is in theatre, and I am aiming for  the kind of lucid, semi-awake experience you have when playing or dreaming (in performance theory they call it “state of play”).

I like the unreal, entertainment, and doing things together. Thematically, most of my works revolve around how time feels and does to you (e.g., loss, remembering, forgetting, longing, regret) and looking for ways to work around it.

MFA from the Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design in 2018, BA in Performance Studies from Stockholm University. Upcoming solo exhibition at Index in Stockholm. I am also a founding member of Strong Dreams, a group of visual artists who work with theatrical expressions, notably for Strindbergs Intima Teater.