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IASPIS Open Studios hösten 2019

Välkommen till Maria skolgata 83 för att möta residensprogrammets konstnärer, formgivare och designers och besöka deras öppna ateljéer. Dessutom publika ateljésamtal, performance, föreläsning och mingel!

Studio grant holders in Stockholm
Pedro Alonso, Santiago de Chile (CHL), Nadine Byrne, Stockholm (SWE), Mauricio Corbalan, Buenos Aires (ARG), Frauke Dannert, Cologne (DEU), Samara Golden, Los Angeles (USA), Sandi Hilal, Stockholm (PSE/SWE), Hanni Kamaly, Malmö (NOR/SWE), Joanna Lombard, Stockholm (SWE) and Pedro Oliveira, São Paulo (BRA).

Studio grant holders in Göteborg
La Silueta: Juan Pablo Fajardo and Andrés Fresneda, Bogotá (COL).

Studio grant holders in Umeå
Natalia Zintsova, Moscow (RUS)
Alena Tereshko, St. Petersburg (RUS).

The International Dance Programme
Carl Olof Berg, Stockholm (SWE) and Matt Lambert, Detroit (CAN).

Book release
Contemporary Artist Residencies: Reclaiming Time and Space. Irmeli Kokko, Curator, Educator, MA in cultural politics and art-education, Helsinki (FIN) and Donna Lynas, Director, Wysing Arts Centre, London (GBR), and Lea O’Loughlin, Board President, Res Artis, London (GBR). Moderator: Johan Pousette, Director IASPIS.

The Dynamo grant
Anna-Karin Larsson, Director Filmform, Stockholm.

Hanni Kamaly: The sit-in of Blindspots: a Visual Entanglement, 2019. 10 min (studio 8)
Joanna Lombard: reading performance –  AAO, 2019. 15 min. (studio 2).
Pedro Oliveira: offensichtlich unbegründet, 2019 (work-in-progress). 15 min. (studio 6).

Invited conversation partners
Martin Avila, Professor in design at the Department of Design, Interior Architecture and Visual Communication, Konstfack, Stockholm.
Nick Axel, Architect, Theorist, Critic, Deputy Editor of e-flux Architecture, Amsterdam.
Petra Johansson, Artistic Director/Executive, Art Inside Out, Halmstad.
Ioana Leca, Artistic director at GIBCA – Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art.
Joa Ljungberg, Curator, Moderna Museet Malmö.
Theodor Ringborg, Artistic Director, Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm.
Frida Sandström, Writer, Critic and contributing Editor at Paletten Art Journal, Stockholm.
Sigrid Sandström, Visual Artist and Professor at the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm.
Madeleine Sillfors, Curator and Director, MAN – Museum Anna Nordlander, Skellefteå.
Erik Stenberg, Architect and Associate Professor in Architecture at the KTH School of Architecture.
Anna Tellgren, Curator Photography and Reseasch Leader, Moderna Museet Stockholm.

The studios are open 1–9 pm.

Talks, Performances, Lectures
1.00 pm Welcome Address by Anna Söderbäck, Director the Swedish Arts Grants Committee (foyer).
1.10 pm Nadine Byrne with Theodor Ringborg (foyer).
1.30 pm Madeleine Sillfors with Natalia Zintsova (foyer).
2.00 pm Madeleine Sillfors with Alena Tereshko (foyer).
2.00–2.40 pm Mauricio Corbalan with Martin Avila (studio 1).
2.30–2.45 pm Performance: Joanna Lombard.
2.45–3.05 pm Joanna Lombard with Joa Ljungberg (studio 2).
3.00–3.40 pm Pedro Alonso and Hugo Palmarola with Erik Stenberg (studio 4).
3.30 pm Frauke Dannert with Anna Tellgren (studio 3).
4.00–5.00 pm Sandi Hilal with Nick Axel (studio 9).
4.00 pm La Silueta: Juan Pablo Fajardo and Petra Johansson (foyer).
4.30–4.45 pm Performance: Pedro Oliveira (studio 6).
4.45–5.05 pm Pedro Oliveira with Frida Sandström (studio 6).
4.30 pm Dynamo grant: Anna-Karin Larsson with Marti Manen (foyer).
5.00 pm Samara Golden with Sigrid Sandström (studio 5).
5.30 pm Hanni Kamaly with Ioana Leca (foyer).
5.50 pm Performance: Hanni Kamaly (studio 8).
5.50 pm Bar opens (foyer).
6.00 pm Welcome Address by Johan Pousette, Director Iaspis (foyer).
6.15 pm *Book release: Contemporary Artist Residencies: Reclaiming Time and Space (foyer).

More names TBC, information may be subject to change.

*Contemporary Artist Residencies: Reclaiming Time and Space.
Artist residencies provide space, time, and concentration for making art, doing research and for reflection. Residencies are crucial nodes in international circulation and career development, but also invaluable infrastructures for critical thinking and artistic experimentation, cross-cultural collaboration, interdisciplinary knowledge production, and site-specific research. The globalization process and the demands of the creative economy have had an impact on artist residencies. Ecological and geopolitical urgencies are now also affecting them more and more. In response, many residencies today actively search for more sustainable alternatives than the current neoliberal condition allows for artistic practice. With a range of critical insights from the field of residencies, this book asks what the present role of artist residencies is in relation to artists and the art ecosystem amid transformations in society.

Contributors: Livia Alexander, Nathalie Anglès, Helmut Batista, Taru Elfving, Pascal Gielen, Francisco Guevara, Maria Hirvi-Ijäs, Jean-Baptiste Joly, Patricia Jozef, Irmeli Kokko, Donna Lynas, Antti Majava, Vytautas Michelkevičius, Marita Muukkonen, Nina Möntmann, Jenni Nurmenniemi, Bojana Panevska, Florian Schneider, Ivor Stodolsky, Alan Quireyns. Editors: Taru Elfving, Irmeli Kokko, Pascal Gielen. Design: Metahaven. Series: Antennae-Arts in Society.

In Appstore or Google play you can download the app A Guided Tour to see more information about the nine different studios and the artists that will be presented on 12 September 2019. A Guided Tour is free and can be used in offline mode.

Graphic design: Stefan Engblom.

For further information, please contact Iaspis Project Manager Visual Art: Lena Malm at lm@iaspis.se