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Shirin Sabahi

Studio grant holder in Malmö October – November 2022, Februari 2023

Shirin Sabahi is a Tehran-born, Berlin-based artist. Her practice casts artefacts and places as protagonists, tracing their purpose and interpretation over time. Working with moving images, her installations and exhibitions include appropriated and newly-produced photographic, sculptural, and spatial materials that come alongside or in place of the actual film.

Photo: Shirin Sabahi

Exhibitions and screenings include Haunt, Berlin (2022); CCA Berlin (2022); Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg (2021); Stavanger Kunstmuseum (2021); Ashkal Alwan, Beirut (2020 and 2021); KW Berlin (2021); Savvy Contemporary, Berlin (2020); Broad Art Museum, Michigan (2020); Jameel Arts Centre, Dubai (2019, solo film programme); Edith-Russ-Haus (2018, solo exhibition); and Beirut Art Center (2018). Her films have won the best short film prize at the Lisbon Architecture Film Festival and the Asolo Art Film Festival (both 2019).