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Marie de Brugerolle

IASPIS expertbesök i Göteborg, Malmö och Stockholm 18 – 25 april 2023

Marie de Brugerolle. Se nedan för text på engelska. Mer information på svenska kommer att publiceras här inom kort.

Marie de Brugerolle


Marie de Brugerolle

IASPIS Expert visit, Göteborg, Malmö and Stockholm 18 – 25 April 2023

Marie de Brugerolle is an art historian, curator and author based in Lyon. As curator, she worked in institutions such as the MNAM Pompidou Center (1991– 94), Paris, the MoMA (1995), New York, the CNAC-Magasin Grenoble, France (1996).

As a researcher, she has invented, developed and directed the Post Performance Future research program (2012 – 2022) with created a new method, experimental pedagogy and inventive forms (Post Performance Future: 10 years, to be issued end 2023, by T&P publishing, dis. Presses du Réel).

Workshops, seminars, symposiums, films, actions; events, in collaboration with students, artists and thinkers, from St Petersburg to London, Los Angeles to Santa Barbara, Marfa, Austin or Coimbra in Portugal, Geneva in Switzerland…Post Performance Future is an inchoaCtive project, which investigate the legacy, impact and development of performativity upon visual arts. From theater criticism toward new theatricality, language as matter to « making things with words and words with things », the question of per-furniture in challenging objecthood today, performance at work to performance works, Post Performance Future leads inquiries in all the fields of arts. Body Politics, Genres/genders, Film as performance/Performing films, Anticipated and Living Archives, Anti-canonization, Style as a Weapon, On stage/on line, in a polymorphic and polysemic way.

As a curator, she challenges the exhibitions as an expended form and process. Prospective: RIDEAUX/Blinds (2015) questioned the curtain as a paradigm of our ways of seeing in the age of the screentimes (IAC Villeurbanne), REVERSE UNIVERSE, presented the exhibitions of Luigi Serafini (On Land and Sea, with the Codex Seraphinianus) and Than Hussein Clark (A Little Night Music (and Reversals) at the CRAC, Sète, France (Fall 2020-Spring 2021, cat. Montez press/Lenz). Miles is a monograph of Julie Béna, creating a global immersive installation that questions female roles, Villa Arson, Nice, (June 2021-January 2022), Post-Performance Video, Prospective 1: Los Angeles, with Coleman Colins, Nathaniel Mellors, Rodney Mc Millian and Anna Wittenberg, Carré d’art Musée, Nîmes (December 2021-April 2022, cat.Mousse Publishing. CASSONI, Peintures. Boîtes introduced the works of 9 artists dealing with painting as a wedding chest (Anne Barrault Gallery, Paris Feb-March 2022). Event organizer: how to work collectively in various formats, dealing with the audience as a partner? Le Salon Discret, 2017 (for the 40th anniversary of the MNAM-Centre Pompidou), C’BARET’What Not /Speak Easy, at LAXART in Los Angeles, 2019, being together in a multicultural context with twenty artists (Nour Mobarak, Emily Mast, Brandon Lattu, Jennifer Bolande, Julien Bismuth, V. Haddad, Olivia Mole, Asher Hartman…).

As an author, she has published, among others, the first monograph of Suzanne Lafont (Appelé par son nom, Actes Sud, 2003), that of Guy de Cointet, Portrait of the artist as cryptographer (JRP Ringier, 2011), and directed the documentary film Who’s That Guy? Tell Me More about Guy de Cointet, her book Who’s That Moving Guy, about Cointet’s films, is forthcoming. Her writings were the subject of a first volume Marie de Brugerolle, Premières critiques, Presses du réel, 2010, Dijon, France. Recent essays published about Ericka Beckman, Nathaniel Mellors , Agnès Thurnauer (Métamoprhoses, 2022). She contributes to numerous magazines such as Mousse, HUM, Artforum, Traversée, Flash Art. Recently Polyspherus, her first sci-fiction novel was published by Ishtar Publishing, Bruxelles 2021. She is preparing a monography of Marie Bourget (2024).