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Zahra Moein

Studio grant holder in Stockholm 11 October 2021 – 24 April 2022

Zahra Moein Born 1993 in Isafahn, Iran.

Questioning about images motivated me to study photography and afterward Fine arts, because of the inspiration of cinema and contemplation about my ordinary life, my works have always been between the two mediums of photography and video, and on the border between photographic and cinematographic images. How do we consider our visual memory, subject to timing in a frame and in its historical context, and for the most important part of how I can be an active viewer and does not only receiving everything passively, it is my concern how can I find the border between artist and activist.

My research for IASPIS residency was started by studying the works of female filmmakers such as Agnès Varda, Chantal Akerman , Marguerite Duras, etc. I realized these filmmakers have something in common in case of their feminine language of filmmaking. The ordinary life was a focus in most of the films all projecting details and emotions to which I as a reader can relate myself to. Many of their films has a text-based approach. The films benefit from the personal lives of their filmmakers who are not afraid of showing their emotions, fears, and loves. The very characteristic is recognizable in the language used in the films, but the cooperation between patriarchy and capitalism made this language blurred and lost.

2018-2020-M.A Fine Arts/ Malmo Art Academy( Lund University)/ Malmo, Sweden
2019- Maumaus Independent Study Program/ Lisbon, Portugal
2012-2016-B.A in Photography/Art University of Isfahan, Faculty of Fine Arts/Isfahan, Iran.

Solo Exhibition
August 2020- MASTER EXHIBITION “notes on protests”, Khm1, Malmo, Sweden
Talks & Conferences
23 SEPTEMBER 2021 – The Future of Arts Education, Symposium/Webinar (ART EDUCATION – WHO WANTS TO BECOME AN ARTIST?), Malmö Konsthall, Sweden
June 2021- Online Artist lecture at „Theater as Assembly“ von Florian Malzacheram Institut für Angewandte Theaterwissenschaft im Sommersemester 2021