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About the Swedish Arts Grants Committee

Tasks, working methods and organization

Hero Bakgrundspattern

The professional artists are the very basis for a vibrant cultural life. Therefore, since 1976, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee has been commissioned by the government to promote artists’ opportunities to be active and develop their artistry in various ways. The mission encompasses working artists all over Sweden and all artistic disciplines.

Our mission

The Swedish Arts Grants Committee is the government agency primarily responsible for the implementation of the state’s artist policy.

Here you will find the documents – regulations and regulatory letters – that govern our work. Here you will also find current proposals and letters that have a bearing on the assignment as well as our annual reports and budget documents.

How we work

The activities of the Swedish Arts Grants Committee must contribute to the realization of the goals for the cultural policy decided by the government and the parliament of Sweden.

Here you can read more about how we work to maintain arm’s-length distance, how our decision-making groups work and our work to counteract equalization, etc.


The Swedish Arts Grants Committee is a board authority. This means that it is the board that is ultimately responsible for the business before the government.

The head of the authority is a member of the board and is responsible for the day-to-day operations. Here you can read about our organisation, how it is structured and who works at the authority.