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ArtNexus is a Swedish international development cooperation programme, aiming to strengthen the freedom of expression, rights and conditions of artists and culture practitioners in the two selected partner countries: Albania and Armenia.

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ArtNexus promotes art and culture

The Swedish Arts Grants Committee lanched the ArtNexus programme together with the Swedish international development cooperation agency in 2020, commissioned by the Swedish govenment. 

ArtNexus is an international cultural and development cooperation program with the aim to create synergies between cultural policy and international development cooperation initatives. The programme’s objective is to strengthen the conditions and rights of artists and cultural practitioners in the programme’s parter countries Albania and Armenia.


The ArtNexus program aims to improve the conditions for artistic professionals to freely exercise and be able to make a living from their art, as part of increased democratization of the selected partner countries. Through education, public talks and advocacy and policy work, ArtNexus supports its partners in developing a strong art and culture sector.

The overall objectives of the program are:

  •  The  public has access and ability to consume art
  • Artists are empowered and have income security and self-reliance
  • The national art scene enables local art and culture practitioners to operate nationally and internationally.

By achieving these goals, the ArtNexus program will have contributed to a strengthened freedom of expression and increased democratization of the communities in which the program operated.

  • ArtNexus’ primary target groups are artists and cultural practitioners in our parter countries, s it is their conditions that we intend to strengthen with our activities. In order to achieve our ultimate goals, however, we work at different societal levels,  tagering:

    • Organisations
    • Art insitutions
    • Politicians
  • ArtNexus is a needs-based programme, focusing on implementing activities in response to the specific needs of the target groups in the partnering countries. This means the programme has been conducting research on the local contexts and the cultural scenes of Albania and Armenia, targeting artists and cultural practitioners to analyze their needs, coordinate mappings of gaps in the cultural scenes, and structure ways on finding innovative solutions.

    In Albania and Armenia, we are working with our local partners and international experts, arranging workshops and dialogue meetings, raising awareness of legal frameworks and strengthening the rights of the artists and cultural practitioners.

  • In Sweden, ArtNexus works with Swedish cultural experts within multiple cultural sectors. This reference group consist of representatives from various state agenecies and civil society organisations, from areas such as visual art, music, writing and journalism, film, and theatre. The experts consluted in the planning process for new activities wothin the programme.

    This way, the ArtNexus programme promotes an international network and deepens the cultural dialogue across borders.

    The reference group includes representatives from:

    • Swedish Film Institute
    • The Swedish National Touring Theatre
    • Swedish PEN
    • The Swedish Artists’s Association
    • Musikalliansen
    • University of Gothenburg
    • The Swedish Intellectual Property Office
    • Unga Klara
    • The Swedish Arts Council.
    • Throughout the programme, we include other Swedish and international experts in our work and activities.

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