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An international aid program to strengthen art and culture practitioners in selected partner countries.

Hero Bakgrundspattern

The Swedish art grants committee and Sida launched ArtNexus in 2020 in accordance with the government’s desire for increased cooperation between cultural partnerships and institution building.

ArtNexus is an international aid program that will work for synergies between cultural and aid policy efforts to strengthen the freedoms and rights of art and culture practitioners in selected partner countries, currently in Albania and Armenia.

ArtNexus promotes art and culture

According to the authority’s regulation letter, the overall aim is to create synergies between cultural and aid policy efforts. By promoting art and culture with freedom of expression as a basis, the country’s democratization processes are strengthened. This means that ArtNexus shall promote:

  • artists’ rights
  • artistic development
  • international exchanges
  • ArtNexus’ target groups are artists and cultural practitioners as well as government actors. To promote dialogue, we will organize national dialogue meetings. In order to promote evidence-based policy development in the partner countries, external experts and researchers will conduct studies. During the second and third program years, we will offer some artists scholarships and residencies in Sweden.

  • ArtNexus has a reference group that will follow and assist the work. It will also contribute to the program’s capacity-building work. The reference group consists of representatives from various authorities and civil society:

    • Sida (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency)
    • The Swedish Film InstituteThe National Theatre
    • Swedish PEN
    • The National Association of Artists
    • The Music Alliance
    • University of Gothenburg
    • Patents and Registration Office
    • Unga Klara
    • The Norwegian Arts Council.

    Other Swedish and international experts and organizations will also contribute to the work.

  • This is how we work with the cultural policy goals

Two partner countries

In 2021, ArtNexus was launched in Albania and in 2022 the program will also be launched in Armenia.

ArtNexus in Albania

In January 2022, ArtNexus held its first dialogue between artists and cultural practitioners, government actors, representatives from civil society and the private sector in Tirana, Albania. During the fall of 2022, we are planning a capacity-building effort in public art, a workshop focusing on copyright issues and a workshop in the field of music.

ArtNexus in Armenia

In Armenia, ArtNexus works with local actors to strengthen the rights of the artists by capacity building activities.

The organization AGBU’s Katapult Creative Accelerator is now ArtNexus Armenia’s National Partner. During ArtNexus’ time in Armenia, Katapult will su co-arrange a number of activities as part of the ArtNexus project. We will implement a series of workshops and webinars with themes such as Financial Literacy, Grant-writing, and Production Management for artists as well as support the efforts to organize within the creative sector to enhance advocacy work together with Katapult.
Read more about AGBU’s Katapult Creative Accelerator here.

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