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Tiago Patatas

Artist in residence, Stockholm, March 1 – May 27, 2023

Tiago Patatas is a spatial practitioner and researcher based in Oporto, Portugal. His work investigates forms of environmental violence and its articulation with spatial politics. His recent practice tackles modalities of green extractivism, in particular the eruption of lithium mining frontiers, and nuclear imperialism, including the French pursuit for nuclearization and its destructive global expanses. Currently, he is invested in rehearsing tactics of solidarity, and exploring ways of sensing anew as approaches to environmental justice. His individual and collaborative practices take multiple forms including installations, web platforms, workshops, evidence for legal cases, among others.

Photo: Ana Roque

Tiago Patatas

During his residency at IASPIS, Tiago will engage with two different projects. An individual ongoing project will investigate the growing acts of lithium extraction around the world. Against and in spite of such global dispossession, networks of resistance and hope are emerging, opening up new political configurations and calling into question existing models of the so-called green transition. This project will explore how tactics of solidarity may advance claims and negotiate interdependencies across the expanding frontiers of lithium extraction. Another collaborative project with INTERPRT will be dedicated to the role of the newly formed truth and reconciliation commissions addressing Nordic and Russian settler colonialism on Sami lands.

Tiago is currently a researcher at INTERPRT where he contributes to projects centred on environmental justice. Individual and collaborative projects were exhibited at the Istanbul Biennale (2022), Porto Design Biennale (2021) and Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture Shenzhen\Hong Kong (2017), among other forums. He is currently working on a collaborative project for the Helsinki Biennial, 2023. He has taught at the Lusófona University and the University of Porto. Tiago graduated with Distinction from the Centre for Research Architecture in the Department of Visual Cultures at Goldsmiths, University of London.