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Seçkin Aydın

Artist in residence, Stockholm, June 15 – August 27,  2023

Seçkin Aydın is a Kurdish artist and academic based in Berlin and Diyarbakır. Since 2020, his work has focused on alternative lifestyles, social systems, and economic models, as explored in research projects such as “Repairing the Future,” “Degrowth Food and Fashion,” “Slow Violence and Slow Hope,” and “Degrowth Artivism.”

Photo: Seçkin Aydin

Seçkin Aydin, “I can’t carry my grandma, i can also not eat her or wear her”, 2015.

Departing from the conceptual framework of Slow Violence and Slow Hope, Seçkin inquires about promising alternative lifestyles while addressing the increasingly prevalent personal and collective experience of eco-grief and eco-anxiety. During his residency at IASPIS, he will continue his current transdisciplinary projects “Eco-calyptic” and “pLASTOPia,” navigating the intersections of psychology, sociology, anthropology, and environmental studies.

To broaden his artistic perspective, he further pursued a BA in Sociology and Political Science, an MA in Cultural Anthropology, and a Ph.D. in the Interdisciplinary Program of Media, Culture, and Urban Studies. Seçkin has showcased his works through numerous solo exhibitions, international biennials, and symposiums, while also curating exhibitions across Europe and the Middle East.