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Sara Elggren

Artist in residence, Stockholm, 1 May – 25 October, 2023

Sara Elggren is a visual and textile artist based in Stockholm. She works with woven objects and spatial installations. Her works are characterized by repetition and long series that touch on questions related to weaving technology, code, and interfaces. But also, how this qualities affects the experience of the weave, as either a free image or as a strictly ordered system. A specific system of certain data, but through craftsmanship transforms it into something additional and different.

Photo: Sara Elggren

Sara Elggren

At IASPIS, she will work on the relationship between woven objects and the notation of weaving, with a focus on spatial sketches, based on a ten-shaft counter-march and a 24-shaft loom. In parallel, she will also work on text from spatial and bodily perspectives on notation.

Sara has an MFA from Konstfack’s master program CRAFT (2016), and a BA from Södertörn University’s Aesthetics Program (2011). She has also pursued advanced studies at Kyoto University of Art and Design, as well as with weavers in Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Sweden. Her work has recently been exhibited at Fiberspace Gallery (Stockholm, 2023), SKF/Konstnärshuset (Stockholm, 2022), Sthlm Craft Week (Stockholm, 2022), International Handweaving Fair (Halmstad, 2022), as well as in previous exhibitions, residencies, public art, and artistic collaboration projects in Sweden and internationally.