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Safaa Erruas

Artist in residence, Stockholm, June 1 – August 28,  2023

Safaa Erruas is an artist based in Tetouan, Morocco. Her work is dedicated to a close examination of the corporeal properties of materials and the gestures we develop in contact with them. Through monochromatic microsensations, Erruas explores folds, cracks, and ruins, where smoothness and striations confront each other. From sharp surfaces and broken lines, her works evoke intense memories of the body, whether it is an absent body, a painful body, or a body without land.

Photo: Safaa Erruas

Safaa Erruas

Through an interplay of light and shadow, openness and closure, Erruas considers her artistic practice as a personal journey of interpretation and understanding – a quest through which she hopes to comprehend the world and the society in which she operates.

At IASPIS, she will continue this reflection, conveying certain realities related to human existence and a sense of belonging, as well as exploring the meaning and relation of home and borders.

Safaa Erruas studied Fine Arts at the Institut National des Beaux-Arts (INBA) in Tetouan. Her work has been shown at Fishmarket (Mutrah, 2023), Dominique Fiat Gallery (Madrid, 2023), L’Atelier 21 Gallery (Casablanca, 2022), Cobra Museum (Amsterdam), MACAAL Museum (Marrakech, 2021), PNCA (Islamabad, 2021), Museum Reina Sofia (Madrid, 2021), Casula Powerhouse Art Centre (Liverpool, Australia, 2018), and Flach Gallery (Stockholm, 2018).