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Renée Petropoulos

Studio grant holder in Stockholm 4 February – 29 April 2019

Renée Petropoulos (USA), b. 1957, Los Angeles.

Petropoulos’ art practice navigates the territory between abstraction and representation. Through means of translation, intimacy and identification, history and power, relationships are taken up as a re-shaping of perception. Employing poetic and structuralist approaches as contradictory strategies, she takes up materials as a form of identity. Always working in-context, mapping, tracking and comparison are some of her means; paint, sound and video are some of her materials.

At Iaspis, she will establish in-context projects, elaborating on her environment and her situation. ‘Analogue’ means may be taken up as a transgressive tactic of engagement. Contemplation of Paul Lafargue’s “The Right to be Lazy” will be included in her activities. NOISE will be made.

Renée Petropoulos has a B.A. in Art History, Islamic Art, UCLA; and an MFA in Studio Art, UCLA 2014. “From the United States to Mexico/From Mexico to the Untied States” was presented at Commonwealth and Council, which included a choreographed performance. She exhibited “Monument 1 – conjugation” with the Proxy Gallery in Paris in 2016. In 2016, she created a CD of sound work, “Between Libya, the United States and Scotland”, with composer Greg Lenczycki which will be released in 2019. A new performance work created in 2016, “Cheek by Jowl”, performed at Hauser Wirth Schimmel in the courtyard responding to the Women Sculpture exhibition. Her project with her former student, Amanda Katz was released this summer in 7 x 7 (http://7×7.la/semicolon/). She recently returned from Naples, Italy where she has been working on a collaborative project with Neapolitan scholar Dr. Denise Spampinato. In 2017, with the Proxy Gallery, Athens, she exhibited “Irregular Event”, a situation-specific installation. In 2018, she will be producing a project and performance in conjunction with the MACO in Oaxaca, Mexico as well as being a guest artist at the Palm Springs Museum in 2019.

She recently participated in the Saas Fee intensive Summer Workshop with a Directed Reading performance and has been included this fall in exhibitions “Here” at LAMAG and “Somewhere In Between” at the Kellog Art Gallery. Petropoulos is the 2019 recipient of the Santa Monica Artist Fellowship.


Watch video interview with Renée Petropoulos here

7 x 7