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Raha Rastifard

Studio grant holder in Stockholm 1 April – 30 September 2021

In Raha Rastifard´s work, we find traces of transcultural, poetic and historical elements. Affirming interculturalism, she works with messages that she considers universal, navigating between disciplines and applying different mediums to her art-works – from painting and printing to photography, and sculpture. In recent years, Geometry has had a strong influence in her work.

During her residence at IASPIS, Raha will further study Persian geometries’ footprints in particular, and geometries in general in the art world and the architectural design. She aims to further develop techniques mastered during the years of working with geometries, to come to new techniques.

Photo: Raha Rastifard

Raha Rastifard is an Iranian-German artist with a BA in fine arts from the National University of the Arts in Tehran; two MAs in European and Middle Eastern art history and Iranian studies, from the Freie Universität Berlin; and Project Studies in Free Art for Professional Artists, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm. She has exhibited at the Victoria Albert Museum in London in connection with her nomination for the Freedom to Create prize; the Pergamon Museum in Berlin; and several other cities including New York, Pori, Avesta, Tokyo, Delhi and Shanghai. Latest public art projects include: The Fifth Element, Östergötland Museum in Linköping, Sweden, 2020; and Himmels Passagen, tunnel under Tycho Hedéns väg Uppsala, Sweden, 2021.