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Nadine Byrne

Studio grant holder in Stockholm 1 April – 30 September 2019

Nadine Byrne. Born 1985 in Stockholm. Lives and works in Stockholm.

In my interdisciplinary artistic practice, which spans across sound, sculpture, performance, text and film, I explore enigmatic sides of human existence such as transcendence, loss, memory, dream and ritual. My work originates in a need to conceptualize events from my own personal history as well as a deep fascination towards visual and social manifestations of alternative constructions of reality.

During my stay at Iaspis I will be working with questions concerning grief and artistic creation.

Photo: Nadine Byrne

My own experience with the loss of a parent has largely set a foundation for my artistic practice. This has made me interested in grief and loss as a catalyst for artistic creations and how the permanent void that is grief can be depicted. By forming a group consisting of female artists with a similar experience of loss and grief, I will be working towards the making of a film which is in equal parts documentary and fictional.

Since graduating from the Royal Institute of Art in 2011, I have regularly been exhibiting and performing in Sweden and abroad. During 2018 I have had solo-exhibitions at Elastic Gallery, Stockholm and Narkissos Gallery, Bologna and taken part in the UK-based traveling group exhibition Waking The Witch. Screenings of two of my videos in the Skanstull metro station in Stockholm.

Performances in Portugal, Great Britain, and Italy.