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Matteo Locci and Baak Tuna

Studio grant holder in Umeå 15 August – 15 November 2022

Matteo Locci and Başak Tuna are co-founders of the practice Funduk, working and living between Rome and Istanbul. Funduk’s research is based on a performative investigation of urban environments made of three elements; a design approach towards material exploraton, a situated performative approach to explore contexts and social networks,a theoretically driven debate that reflects on the knowledge generated from the performances. During their stay this autumn the artists will develop a site specific explorative performance in Umea connected with urban perception, hidden history and architectural appreciation.

Matteo Locci is an architect and multimedia artist, co-founder of the Roman collective Ati suffix. Başak Tuna is a critical spatial practitioner graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven. They teamed up in 2019 as a duo and later as a trio in the funduk collective with curator Maximilian Lehner.