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Mark Frygell

Studio grant holder in Stockholm 1 April – 30 September 2021

Mark Frygell´s work challenges our notion of what is commonly referred to as high and low culture. Recently, his practice explores the relationship between mythology and fantasy in art history, individual reference and the broader collective context. Mark uses the process of collecting, sorting and sketching as research to intuitively produce work. He remixes signs and signifiers from the peculiarities of mainstream culture, art history and folk art. What presents itself as an odd figurative expressionism is, in its core, an exploration of material, composition and references where the visual world unfolding is a consequence of digging through the bin of our collective unconsciousness, presenting it from his individual perspective.

Photo: Mark Frygell

During his residence at IASPIS, Mark wants to work with a new medium in tandem with his usual practice.

Mark Frygell studied at The Academy of Fine Art Umeå, Sweden and Akademie der bildende Künste in Vienna, Austria. His work has been shown at Moderna Museet in Stockholm; ZKU in Berlin; VästerboWens Konstmuseum in Umeå; Galleri Andrehn Schiptjenko in Stockholm; Galleri Thomassen in Gothenburg; Chart Art Fair in Copenhagen; among others. Since 2018 he is represented by Galleri Andrehn Schiptjenko in Stockholm and Paris.