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Mapping the Unjust City

Studio grant holders in Stockholm 1 October 2019 – 31 March 2020

Mapping the Unjust City / Who Owns the City is a collective work about mapping, counter-narratives and visualisations of ownership in relation to the built environment.

By examining hidden urban strata, such as financial flows and the relationship between public and private, dialogues arise on whom the city is for and what it could be. A central feature of the group’s work is to identify cognitive and educational challenges in the understanding of ownership and collectivity, and using aesthetic strategies – such as counter-maps, audio works and digital tools – to share knowledge about ownership structures in local urban centres and plazas.

Photo: Mapping the Unjust City

During the period at Iaspis, the focus will be on exploring new presentation forms and methods that could contribute to knowledge about non-linear relationships in the urban space, and foster an understanding of ownership and economies beyond quantitative concepts.

Mapping the Unjust City / Who Owns the City  was founded in 2015, after the members had completed the post-master’s course Mejan Arc at the Royal Institute of Art. Joint projects have previously been shown at ArkDes, Index Foundation and Marabouparken Konsthall.

The group consists of the artist and Iaspis art grant recipient Paula Urbano (b 1980), together with Maryam Fanni, Elof Hellström, Åsa Johansson and Sarah Kim.