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Lisa Trogen Devgun

Studio grant holder in Stockholm 1 April – 30 September 2021

Lisa Trogen Devgun´s practice is based on the function and aesthetics of global logistics, the influence of which she believes permeates our entire society. In recent years, Lisa has worked with materials from the logistics sector, including pallets and plastic containers, and her practice has expanded from pure installations of readymades to other more or less invisible systems that underpin our way of life. Her large sculptural installations incorporate photography and video, to reveal automated systems and production chains where human beings are absent.

Solutions Available 25, Photo: Lisa Trogen Devgun

During her residence at IASPIS, Lisa will focus on materialising the presence of the human hand in logistics.

Lisa Trogen Devgun has an MFA from the Royal Institute of Art (2020), and a BFA from Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design (2015), Stockholm. Recently, she participated in Leaking Container, Index Festival 2020, Stockholm; Royal Institute of Art Graduation Show, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm 2020; objects of horror, Vera Baxer, Stockholm 2019; DELAY STRUCTURE, Gislaveds konsthall, 2019–2020.