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Linnea Hansander

Studio grant holder in Stockholm 11 October 2021 – 24 April 2022

Linnea Hansander: Born 1983 in Uppsala, Sweden. Lives and works in Stockholm.

I work with an interdisciplinary approach focusing on moods and people, often participant-based with performative elements. In her own words she further decribes: My first background is in performing arts, and I believe this is apparent in my style and sphere of interests. I seek to convey the experience of being in a fantasy, game or dream, and when I design installations, sets and enactments for the participants I try to stick to the agreements on fiction/reality that apply in semi-awake states. Previously I have worked with formats such as parties, textile sculptures, videos, performances, karaoke, readings and puppetry. I appreciate and like working with elements of entertainment and popular culture.

See you in heaven tv, Foto: Linnea Hansander

Thematically, I revisit emotions and their relationship to time (e.g., sorrow, memory, forgetting, longing, regret) and what is lost and what isn’t, how contact works and is created, and the various spaces between and inside people where feelings and experiences take place.

I also started and am a member of the group Strong Dreams, with visual artists who work collectively with theatrical expressions and performances for theatre stages and for water.

During my IASPIS residency, I will focus on a project about tragedy and proposals for coping with and understanding our personal pain through old mythologies and dramaturgies.

An MFA from the Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in 2018, and a BA in Performance Studies from Stockholm University. Upcoming solo exhibition at Index in Stockholm, and a group exhibition at Malmö Konstmuseum in 2022. Previous participation in group exhibitions include Färgfabriken and Inkonst; previous solo shows and commissioned art include Konstfrämjandet and FLOCK, a platform for participant-based art. Collaborations with Strong Dreams include a performance at Strindbergs Intima Teater.