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Lap-See Lam

Studio grant holder in Stockholm 1 April – 30 September 2021

Lap-See Lam draws attention to the cultural history of increasingly-scarce Chinese restaurants in Sweden, which are intimately intertwined with the imprints of the Hong Kong-Chinese diaspora across the world. Using fiction as a tool and the particular interior aesthetics of the restaurants as a formal language, Lam considers how the concept of a place constructs notions of cultural identity and belonging. Lam utilises technologies including VR, 3D-scanning and 3D-printing to create complex, immersive and poetic environments in her work.

Lap-See Lam, Photo: Fredrik Funck

During her residence at IASPIS, Lap-See plans to produce works for an upcoming solo exhibition at Bonniers Konsthall that opens in spring 2022.

Lap-See Lam´s work has been presented at venues including Magasin III, Stockholm (2021-2021); the collection exhibition at Moderna Museet, Stockholm (2019-2020); Galerie Nordenhake, Stockholm (2020); Performa 19 Biennial, NY (2019); Fondation Cartier, Paris (2019); Moderna Museet, Malmö (2019-2018): and Luleå Biennial (2018). In 2021 she was awarded the Dagens Nyheter Culture Prize.