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Krolikowski Art

Studio Grant holders in Stockholm 2 August – 13 November 2021

The Krolikowski Art duo are the Bonnie and Clyde of the art world, who are never apart, even in bed. Like agents Fox Mulder and Diana Scully, they oscillate between naivety and scepticism, between artistic fantasy and science facts. Their interest revolves around such subjects as alternative ways of human communication, utopian thinking and the psychological aspects of global changes. These subjects are raised by the duo through analogue photography and video, installation, new media and performance. Aiming to research human relationships in the post-postmodern era shaped by the meta-crisis, the artists alternate between nostalgic forms inherent to the past and the future’s design. The works by the duo are what contemporary philosophers describe as metamodernist, ironic and naive, romantic and conceptual at the same time. The duo has also researched contemporary visual arts, especially photography, writing and lecturing on critical articles on the contemporary philosophy and art.

Alexandra Krolikowska and Alexander Krolikowski, Photo: Dan Balashov

During the Iaspis residency, the duo plans to continue examining aspects of human communication in the digital era through analogue mediums such as cinematography, video, and radio, focusing especially on the dichotomy, contradictions and polarities of the modern world, and on how contemporary art can embrace these polarities in a constructive way.  In addition, the global geopolitical and environmental changes inspire the duo to reflect on the definition of trust in a post-truth era, and how weather and climate change affect human relations. These subjects will be integrated with their future projects.

Alexandra Krolikowska (1990, Donetsk)

An interdisciplinary artist, researcher and psychologist. Inspired by the transformative functions of art in general, and the therapeutic force of photography in particular. Mostly works with issues of mechanisms of memory, perception and forms of human communication in the post-digital era.

Alexander Krolikowski (1982, Donetsk)

Works in the field of conceptual art, also a lecturer and philosopher. His interest revolves around information warfare, religious and political studies and contemporary aesthetics. Inspired by the study of post-postmodern cultural theory, he focuses on future design and the quest for a new sincerity.

The duo’s works have been featured by the Mystetskyi Arsenal, Izolyatsia, Dymchuk Gallery, Asortymentna Kimnata (Ukraine),  Sopa Gallery (Kosice, Slovak Republic), Ford Otosan Culture Centre (Golcuk, Turkey), Korea Foundation Gallery (Seoul, Republic of Korea) and many others. Also, the duo participated in the Odessa Biennale of Contemporary Art (2017, Ukraine) and the Bangkok Biennale of Contemporary Art (Cloud Nine Pavilion, 2020).  In addition, the artists have been grant-holders within artist in residence programmes at the PRAM Studio (2017, Prague, Czech Republic), KAIR (2019, Kosice, Slovak Republic), and Detali (2019, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine).


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