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Joar Nango

Studio grant holder in Stockholm 11 November – 31 December 2019

Joar Nango. Born in Alta, Norway 1979. Lives and works in: Tromsø, Norway.

Joar Nango is a sami architect and artist investigating space and its relation to colonial heritage and indigenous identities through various formats.

Photo: Joar Nango

Nango often works in collaboration through various constellations such as FFB (an architecture collective he was a part of founding in 2010) and European Everything ( a performative platform formed by various european arts and craft people that don’t see themselves as representatives of any european nationstate). For the Iaspis residency Nango will be looking closer at the Swedish colonial history, more specifically through research on architectural material in the archives of ARKDES and Nordiska Museet.

Joar has an architect degree from NTNU in Norway.