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João Felipe Wallig

Studio Grant holder in Stockholm 2 December 2022 – 15 February 2023

João Felipe Wallig is an architect and urban planner from Brazil. He is interested in participative multidisciplinary works that relate the process of architecture to pedagogy practices. His recent research involves preservation of cultural heritage buildings, with educational and experimental practices on restoration work sites.

João Felipe Wallig

He is currently living in the city of Porto Alegre were he is responsible for several architectural projects, including Centro Cultural Vila, Sementes do Plástico, and the first Museum of Hip Hop in Latin America promoted by an non-profit cultural association. These works gather professionals from different areas, crossing the conventional practice of architecture with urbanism to achieve their social purpose.

While at IASPIS, João will continue his research on educational and experimental practices in the process of making architecture and on construction work sites. He intends to consolidate the knowledge acquired in his most recent experiences, aiming to share the results in an article, an exhibition or practical interaction on architecture as a pedagogical process. These experiences all generate new knowledge and capital for the agents involved. While attempting to reveal the social assets, the intended production can become an empirical source for consulting about local, emancipatory and decolonial practices.

João Felipe Wallig graduated 2012 as an Architect and Urban Planner from the School of the City – AEAUSP (Association of Teaching Architecture and Urbanism São Paulo, Brazil). He holds a Master’s degree in regional and urban planning from PROPUR /UFRGS (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil). He is also co-founder of the architecture and design firm Goma Oficina  (São Paulo, Brazil), and president of the Cultural Association Vila Flores (Porto Alegre, Brazil); assistant director of the arts section of Instituto de Arquitetos do Brasil – Departamento do Rio Grande do Sul (IAB RS).