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João Felipe Wallig

Online residence 4 August – 31 October 2020

João Felipe Wallig. Born 1987 in São Paulo, Brazil. Lives and works in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

Architect and urbanist interested in participative multidisciplinary works and exchange of knowledge through collaboration between differences, considers the process as a fundamental part of learning, experimentation as research and learning by prototyping. His work is somewhere in between of art and architecture, process and project, making and managing, having the complexity of contemporary cities as sustenance to reflection.

Photo: João Felipe Wallig

For the IASPIS residence the plan is to research multidisciplinary arrangements of people to achieve their social objectives, a process that contains art as a language, architecture as an intention. It can be a process that happens from the outside in or from the inside out, exogenous or endogenous, but that necessarily talks about the diversity of people and thoughts on cities, with the purpose of captioning the acuity of these relations. Aiming to share the results with local citizens and other interested parts, an art intervention or exposition could take place relating the research to other globally alike experiences that instigates the connection of individuals and cities around the world.

Education and work:
Architect and Urban Planner graduated in 2012 by the School of the City – AEAUSP (Association of Teaching Architecture and Urbanism São Paulo – Brazil); Master Degree in regional and urban planning  by PROPUR /UFRGS (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre – Brazil); Co-founder of architecture and design firm Goma Oficina Collaborative Platform (São Paulo – Brazil); Vice president of the Cultural Association Vila Flores (Porto Alegre – Brazil).

Latest Exhibitions and Awards:
‘Passageiro’ presentation at Virada sustentável de Porto Alegre 2018; ‘Prêmio Brasil Criativo’ award on architecture in 2017;  third place in ‘Obra do Ano 17’ at brazilian archdaily award in 2017;  ‘Insieme/Juntos, Brazil pavilion, Biennale di Architettura Venezia 2016’ exhibition; ‘Lanterna Viva’ , urban intervention at virada cultural São Paulo 2014; ‘Cartão Postal SP, CCBB’ urban intervention at Mostra Urbe de Arte Urbana de São Paulo in 2012.