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Jess Myers

Studio grant holder in Stockholm 4 November 2019-27 January 2020

Jessica Myers. Year and city of birth: 1990, Plainfield New Jersey. Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Jess is the editor of a book series on social justice, Taking Freedom, which will be published through a collaboration between the Service Employees International Union, Sage Publications, and the Community Innovators Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her podcast Here There Be Dragons takes an in-depth look at the intersection of identity politics and security policy in public space through the eyes of city residents. In the past, Jess has worked in diverse roles—archivist, researcher, analyst—in both New York and Paris, and within cultural practices that include Bernard Tschumi Architects. Her personal interests and research engage multimedia platforms as a means to explore culture and the urban condition.

Photo: Jess Myers

Through the Iaspis residency she hopes to turn this lens on Stockholm for the third season of Here There Be Dragons. Through research and interviews with residents, Jess will explore how Stockholmers view the nuances of their own strengths and their own precariousness in the city as well as how urban policy and social interventions may have impacted these views.

Jess Myers is a writer, podcaster, and strategist focusing on urban planning and architecture. In 2017, she received a Masters degree in City Planning from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She also holds a B.A. in Architecture, with minors in Urban Theory and French, from Princeton University.