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Jenny Magnusson

Studio grant holder in Stockholm 5 May – 25 October 2022

Jenny Magnusson is Gothenburg-based artist. She works with site-specific sculpture,   internalisation of space, place, artefact and materiality using her body as an instrument. Situation, position, action, relation and design. She returns to and reuses material, objects and artefacts for her sculptures. Construction – Deconstruction. A sculpture is created in one place in order to be returned. The archive in her studio serves as a material pool to which she returns and reconnects with. “The sculpture is a bearer of previous works, the place and the present. Like an interruption in an oscillating movement in which works are created and dissolved before appearing in new constellations. For me, sculpture is an act of the making, the materiality is the place and the act of borrowing is interactivity. An exhibition is an interruption in an oscillating movement in which works are created and dissolved. A temporary endpoint.”


Photo: Jenny Magnusson

During her residency she will primarily work with the part of her sculptural practice that touches on the choreographic. “What is hidden in the actual movement, leaning, laying and stacking? Through practical experimentation in which the focus is on the act itself and aided by schools of thought in dance and art I want to investigate the relationship between my sculptural practice and the choreographic.” She will explore the significance of letting go of her material archive in her studio in Ringön in Gothenburg in order to start over, and is interested in which role will the borrowed space takes on

Jenny Magnusson received her artistic training at HDK-Valand – Academy of Art and Design in Gothenburg. Her work has been exhibited in group and solo exhibitions in Sweden and internationally, including at Galerie Jochen Hempel and Künstlerhaus Bethanien (Berlin), Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum (San Antonio, Texas), MIEC Santo Tirso (Portugal), Galleri Rostrum (Malmö), Galleri Fagerstedt, the Academy of Fine Arts (Stockholm), Moderna Museet (Stockholm), WELD (Stockholm) and Ystad konstmuseum. She recently produced a public artwork, Luta–Lägga–Stapla (Lean–Lay–Stack), commissioned by Public Art Agency Sweden for Voksenåsen, Oslo and participated in the group exhibition Towards Another World at the Gothenburg Museum of Art. She and photographer Patrik Elgström comprise the artist duo Skymmer och Ser; they are currently working on a book which they plan to publish later this year.