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Gözde Inkin

Studio grant holder in Stockholm 9 April – 30 June 2021

Gözde Inkin. Born in 1981, Kütahya, Turkey. Lives and works in: İstanbul, Turkey

I work on domestic fabrics such as table clothes, curtains, etc. that are characterized by identity and culture space. The material gives some details about the social process as a kind of memory objects. I use these fabrics as stages or a space that allow me to install my motifs and images onto. Stitching process and working with fabrics helps me to depict today‘s cultural information, political and social relationships, and gender issues. At the program, I am planning to focus on stories about symbols of power in family issues. I will search on images and object and stories that are representing movements of social change including power issues. I am planning to realize an installation as a stage with an arrangement as drawing and fabric-poetry and sound.

Photo: Gözde Inkin

Gözde İlkin (1981, Kütahya) studied painting at the Fine Arts Faculty of Mimar Sinan University and is studying towards a master’s degree at Marmara University in Istanbul. Selected solo exhibitions include Organized Habitation, Galerie Paris- Beijing, Paris (2019) Cruise of Endless Confession, Françoise Heitsch Gallery, Munich (2019); Absent Demonstration Gözde İlkin, artSümer Gallery, Istanbul (2017)

Selected group shows include The Event of a Thread: Global Narratives in Textiles, Istanbul Modern (2019); Dancing with Witches, A Digital Exhibition, British Council (2019); 15 th Istanbul Biennale “A Good Neighbour” (2017); Spaceliner, Arter, Istanbul (2015)