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Artist in residence, Stockholm, 4 December 2023 – 28 February 2024

My centers around sharing tactile sensations and the feeling of being in motion – in dancing dialogue with different times and spaces. It is grounded in a fascination with phenomena that, when experienced, tend to set body and soul in motion.

A pendulum makes me sway.
The play of light in water draws the gaze deeper.
A complex landscape sparks the curiosity to explore.

With these elements as dance partners, I endeavour to create performance worlds where the audience can experience the being in the dance, rather than observing it from a distance. The work focuses on attentively feeling and listening to the timber of each specific phenomenon, space, body, sound, light, material and context and letting them resonate together in a universe where the audience is invited to explore something, of which they are an integrated part.

Erik Eriksson

I am currently exploring time as a tactile sensation, rather than a machine-measured entity in dance, music and space. How time can be experienced through movement of the air against the skin, the shifts between tension and relaxation throughout the body and acceleration and fleeting moments of suspension and stillness; How time can be felt in the process of getting to know, and how it feels when what we think we know changes over time.

In relation to this, I explore how a carful listening and equilibrating with all the senses can be the grounding of, and departure point for our movement in the world; how cultivating this kind of listening relates to a technologisation of everyday, life where our senses are increasingly focused frontally on a very small and stationary surface of personalised, algorithm-driven information flow.