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Emelie Carlén

Artists in residence, Stockholm, May 6 – October 27, 2024

Emelie Carlén is an artist based in Stockholm. Her main work takes shape in film and sculptural installations that navigate between materials and historical narratives. Her research-based approach begins by viewing history as a fluid value system that transcends time and temporary structures. Navigating between material and immaterial realms, she deconstructs systems, and crafts alternative narratives.

emelie portrait foto taken in her studio

Photo: Emelie Carlén

Emelie Carlén

During her time at IASPIS, Carlén will work on an ongoing project investigating ancient images as creators of tropes in fiction and as sites for economic value creation. Using filmed material from several European plaster collections, she has traced the ancient Gradiva bas-relief to map a historical circulation of plaster copies in museum collections.

Carlén studied Visual Arts at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Umeå Academy of Fine Arts, and Akademie der Bildenden der Künste Wien. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Art Studies from Stockholm University. Her works have been exhibited at Munich Stadtmuseum (2023), Konstnärshuset (2022, Stockholm), Copenhagen Contemporary (2021, Copenhagen), Digitaliseum (2020, Malmö), SIRIN Gallery (2019, Copenhagen), Konstepidemin (2019, Gothenburg), DELFI (2018, Malmö), Peryton (2018, Copenhagen), Undantaget (2018, Kläppinge Öland), and Display (2018, Berlin), as well as featured in film festivals