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Ellen Dynebrink

Studio grant holder in Stockholm 11 October 2021 – 24 April 2022

Born 1986 in Göteborg. Lives and works in: Göteborg.

Ellen Dynebrink is a textile artist who work with traditional textile techniques combined with the love for the textile material and the relationship between the textile field and women’s history.

Her main technique is based on photos that are converted into patchwork with added distortions, where the process and execution revolve around an examination of values in feminine coded expressions and objects via the variables time, control and material. She investigates the relationship between the textile craft and the female body via performative methods where pleasure and repetition are recurring.

U & me 2019, Photo: Ellen Dynebrink

During the IASPIS residency I am going to work with a project I call “the forgotten textiles”. In previous series of artworks, I have investigated the relationship between the “gaze” and the “image” with following questions about subjectivity and objectivity. In this project I want to highlight what I perceive as the forgotten textile; the textile that falls into the background of our everyday life, seemingly without historical actors or agents, but always present – the curtain, the sheet, the towel, etcetera. With this concept I want to illuminate the idea that the work and materiality of these objects are dispatched to a subconscious, or “forgotten” place in the public perception. With this as a starting point I want to examine the idea of these textiles: How do they express themselves in image and text? And how do they translate into the position of the artwork?

Ellen Dynebrink received her MFA in textile art from the University of Gothenburg (HDK–Valand) in 2017 and a BFA in Textile Design from The Swedish School of Textiles in 2014. Her work has been exhibited in galleries and museums both nationally and internationally; Charlottenborg Kunsthall (Copenhagen), Liljevalch’s Vårsalong