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El Ultimo Grito

Studio Grant Holders in Stockholm 4 February – 26 April 2020

El Ultimo Grito (Rosario Hurtado and Roberto Feo).
Rosario Hurtado. Born 1966 in Madrid. Lives and works in London & Geneva.
Roberto Feo. Born 1964 in London. Lives and works in London.

Rosario Hurtado & Roberto Feo define their practice as ‘the thing we do in order to understand the world’. El Ultimo Grito produces work that responds to an ongoing investigation into the nature and representation of systems, and how these construct our ideas of reality. Their work is as much the means to analyse and advance their ideas in the subject as it is the object of the investigation itself. The outcomes are often collisions of objects, film, text, sound, graphics and constructions, which are presented in various contexts ranging from publications and installations in public spaces to curatorial, editorial and academic projects.

Photo: El Ultimo Grito

In recent works of El Ultimo Grito have been developing the concept of The Model as Mise-en-Scène. They began by stating that the aim of the model might no longer be the assessment of the idea it represents, but to act as context for the viewer to probe, question and speculate about its socio-political time frame, ecology, fashion, artefacts, etc. Ultimately ‘The Model as Mise-en-Scène’ should prompt ideas not present in its material representation. These includes “The Fallacy of the Closed System” which presentes a critical rematerialisation of our current political and ecological state of affairs into a large city-like glass installation and was part of Broken Nature at the Milan Triennale 2019.

El Ultimo Grito sees their academic activity as an extension of their public work, bringing their experimental approach into the academic realm. Roberto Feo is Professor of Design Practice at Goldsmiths, University of London and Rosario Hurtado directs the programme MA Space and Communication at HEAD_Genève. As part of their current academic activity they have created the research unit: Vehicles for Experimental Practice, based in Goldsmiths University London, of which the first outcome is the experimental practice journal Multiplexer.

Their work is part of prestigious public and private collections such as the CNAP (Centre National des Arts Plastiques) in Paris, MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) and the MAD (Museum of Art and Design) in New York, Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, Museum of Glass in Shanghai or the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, among others.

In 2012 they were awarded the prestigious London Design Medal, awarded to individuals for their unique contribution to design and the city of London. And earlier on this year their own city of Madrid celebrated their work with the Madrid Design Award 2019.

Rosario Hurtado

Roberto Feo