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Curro Claret

Studio grant holder in Stockholm 7 March – 29 May 2022

Curro Claret is a designer based in Barcelona. In his practice he moves between the commercial and the social, and he often acts as a mediator in between. He has often engaged with disadvantaged communities, introducing design at the centre to activate an associative process and to bring self-generating social and commercial dynamics. His practice is often an exploration into the processes of participatory design, where non-professionals are involved in co-design actions. These are sometimes leading to auto-construction of artefacts, exploring how design can stimulate empowerment and emancipatory attitudes and at the same time generate links and connections between unrelated groups. These drivers also inform his approach to design and craft, always inventive and exploratory, often looking at ways that the non-skilled can learn and engage with the construction and design of his objects. He is often working with reclaimed materials, which not only are widely accessible and economical, but also respond to an idea of ‘low impact’ in relation to his production.

Porträtt Curro Claret

Photo: Curro Claret

Curro Claret is trained in Industrial design studies at Elisava University School of Design and Engineering and Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. Since the late 90’s he’s been working as a freelance designer designing objects, products, furniture, interiors, happenings and strategies for companies like BD Barcelona Design, Camper, Metalarte or Zicla, and for institutions, galleries, private commissionairs and foundations like Arrels Foundation, Tot Raval, Impulsem, and We Are Water Foundation. He’s been teaching at several universities and also curated a number of exhibitions. His work has appeared in different media and publications such as The Design Encyclopedia, Mel Byars, The Museum of Modern Art New York, 2004.