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Artists in residence, Stockholm, May 1 – October 25, 2023

coyote is a multidisciplinary collective who test the bounds of possibilities and order through exhibitions, artworks, events, and interventions in public space. United since 2017 as an ambulatory and amorphous enterprise, their communal identity is that of a trickster who rebels against convention and crosses territories. Their projects often are fragmentary and dispersed events that explore urban and social space as a locus of collective memory and redirect literary and historical sources to confront the here and now. Above all, coyote parasitically feeds off context, drawing their energy from the convoluted stories embedded in curious locations, intervening into social routines, and hijacking channels of mass distribution.

Photo: Anders Edström

coyote collective

Their practice is one of radical hospitality, where other artists and voices are regularly smuggled into the narratives and situations they build, thus confusing boundaries between disciplines and divisions of the individual and the collective. At the IASPIS residency programme coyote will explore the bar as a stagelike space. The bar is a place where “seduction” happens and oral narratives are still being performed, where every customer is a “character” and at any moment might start telling a story. During the six month exploration, coyote will reconstruct scenarios that reenact the behavioral codes, established rhetorics and unexpected spectacle of daily life.

coyote is a multidisciplinary collective based in Stockholm since 2017. In addition to several self-produced exhibitions and projects, coyote has had a solo exhibition at NSFW/SVILOVA, Gothenburg (2021) and participated in group exhibitions and film festivals at EMAF, Osnabrück (2023), CPH:DOX, Copenhagen (2023), Norbergfestival, Norberg (2022), KØS – Museum of art in the public spaces, Køge (2021), Index – The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation, Stockholm (2020) and ISSUES gallery, Stockholm (2019). During 2022 coyote presented a temporary public artwork at Slussen commissioned by Stockholm Konst.