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Clara Ianni

Artist in Residence, Stockholm, 17 June 2024 – 28 August 2024

Clara Ianni is an artist living and working in São Paulo. Her practice deals with the relation between history and politics. Through installations, videos, actions, sculptures, drawings, and texts, she suggests critical approaches to dominant historical narratives, power structures, and institutional frameworks, including those in the Arts, seeking to inspire new forms of life. Her work often develops strategies based on research, detours and imagination.

Photo: Ana Ferreira.

Photo: Ana Ferreira.

During her residency at IASPIS, she will delve into the relationship between capitalism and religion, with a focus on exhaustion and regeneration. Amidst the current context of political upheaval, economic breakdown, and ecological collapse, she will further develop her ongoing project, “Second Nature” which explores how to live after the end, how to regenerate, how to resurrect. Connecting environmental and human dimensions, the project bridges labor and nature exploitation in the context of late capitalism, to expand our notion of commons, and foster our imagination of a future otherwise.

Ianni holds a BA in Visual Arts from the Universidade de São Paulo and a PhD from the same institution. Her notable exhibitions include the New Museum Triennial (2021), the 34th São Paulo Biennial (2020), “Utopia/Dystopia – part I” at MAAT Lisbon, Portugal (2017), “Talking to Action / Hablar y Actuar” in Los Angeles, USA (2017), the Jakarta Biennial (2015), the 31st São Paulo Biennial (2014), the Yebisu Festival in Tokyo (2015), MDE15 in Medellin and Bogota (2015), the 19th Panorama VideoBrasil, the 33rd Panorama de Arte Brasileira at the Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo (2013), and the 12th Istanbul Biennial (2011). Her residencies include the Jan Van Eyck Academy (2023), the Delfina Foundation in London (2018), AIR Laboratory in Warsaw (2017), HIWAR – Conversations in Amman, Jordan (2013), and the Museu da Pampulha in Belo Horizonte (2011). Additionally, she served as one of the curators for the program “The Future of Memory – Memory and Forgetfulness in Latin America” in collaboration with the Goethe Institute.