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Chiara Bugatti

Studio grant holder in Stockholm 1 July – 15 November 2021

Chiara Bugatti. Born 1991 in Lecco/Italy.

Chiara Bugatti is a visual artist based in Stockholm/Sweden. In her mainly sculptural practice, she studies objects and tools when they become devoid of their primary function, analysing their physical properties and historical associations, their possibilities of form and impact on their surroundings. Desires, ambitions and future visions become concrete within the built environment, as do failures, refusals, flaws and obsolescence. When monuments, buildings or infrastructures lose their original purpose, they return to a state of being simply material, reminding us of the fragile landscape where they once belonged and the politics of power and control underlying their existence. Bugatti addresses these topics through sculptural interventions, installation and video. Between construction and decay, and within these processes of transformation, materials become mediums for exploring the space they inhabit, revealing the complexity of its syntax and the vulnerability of its structure.

During her residency at IASPIS, Bugatti plans to experiment further within the framework of her performance series “Rehearsing brutality, until it is totally destroyed”, initiated in 2020 in collaboration with the Stuttgart Ballet.

Chiara Bugatti holds a BFA from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia/Italy (2014), an MFA from the Umeå Academy of Fine Arts/Sweden (2016) and a Postmaster from the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm/Sweden (2021). She was a fellow at Akademie Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart/Germany (2020). Her work has been recently exhibited at Kunstmuseum Stuttgart/Germany (2021), Borås Konstmuseum/Sweden (International Sculpture Biennial, 2018) and Uppsala Konstmuseum/Sweden (Anna-Lisa Thomson Scholarship, 2016).