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Camille Bonneau

Studio Grant holder in Göteborg 1 October – 19 December 2021

Born 1995 in Kitchener, Canada. Lives and works in Luxembourg, Luxembourg.

Camille Bonneau’s artistic practice is grounded in her fascination for psychology in juxtaposition to spirituality. By combining photography with a variety of mediums she explores the intersection where themes of life and death intertwine and mingle with femininity and seduction along with the weariness of daily repetition. She mainly works with photography, placed in diaries, travel journals and artist’s books, alongside texts, drawings and fragmented archives. Her creative process – beyond its autobiographical aspects – are primarily humanistic, since its annotation of everyday life refers to a universal need in humanity to represent the course of time and life. She possesses the ability to open her viewer up to a larger perspective on the world as she turns extramundane situations into existential contemplations.

Photo © Camille Bonneau

During her residency in IASPIS, Camille wants to explore and study what histories Swedish land holds, its mythologies and how they relate to its people, as well as northern foreigners looking for a sense of home.

Camille studied at the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. Her work was part of the XPRINT photobook festival in Poznań, Poland; Musrara Festival in Jerusalem, Israel; and galleries in Prague.