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Bianca Traum

Studio grant holder at The International Dance Program in Stockholm 16 August – 14 November 2021

I’m a dancer, actor and choreographer based in Stockholm, Sweden. I’m what you would call an autodidact artist, lacking the traditional institutionalize education. I have since early on made the choice to try and
explore art and culture outside the gates and frame works of the institutions. Through my tailored training process and working experience I have been able to gather and seek knowledge and information beyond formal ways.

Bianca Traum, Photo: Talia Gallegos Fadda

In my work, I am interested in how identities are created in relation to other identities and through improvisation and “flow” I allow myself to discover and experiment through complex negotiations in the moment. I have been exploring the subject and condition of in-betweenness as a result of growing up in Sweden as a “third culture kid”. I want to continue investigating the state of in-betweenness and explore the bodily complexities through transformation and spiritual practices. A state where identity and form are dissolved and then rebuilt, a constant identity crisis and negotiation in contact with other bodies.