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Angel Manuel Ramírez Roque

Studio grant holder in Göteborg 1 August  – 28 October 2022

Angel Manuel Ramírez Roque. Born 1954 in Havana. Lives and works in Havana, Cuba.

Characteristic for my imagery is the communicative diversity and with that comes my use of different media, materials and influences from other areas in art and life. In the communicational intention of each work or series, my voice unifies the production. I usually use woodcut to produce unique works where I adapt the images that are typical of it, use its multiplicity and also use the blocks in the work itself.

I am now working on two series in parallel: “The children of the Beast” and “The chaos of the Crown”. During the residency, my intention is to achieve pieces that conceptually will enhance and deepen the combination of these two series. I am also very interested in seeing and learning about Swedish art and its mechanisms of circulation in workshops, museums, galleries and other institutions. At the same time, talk about how art moves in Cuba and of course, show my work.

Graduated from the Higher Institute of Art in 1982 and from the National School of Art in 1977, both in Havana, Cuba.

Other projects:
As I mentioned above I have been working in The “Chaos of the Crown” which includes a group of manipulated woodcut prints (some of them can be seem in Instagram) and the project “The Children of the Beast” where “the Beast” is what you have in mind, ( a government, a person, a relationship, a society, whatever). These “children” are objects or wooden sculptures like imaginary or symbolic animals with a certain approximation to medieval bestiaries. Each child is accompanied by a text that defines his personality or his relationship with The Beast. Both projects are still in progress.


Instagram: #angelramirez_art