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Amanda Apetrea

Artist in residence, Stockholm, 1 March  – 31 May 2024

Amanda Apetrea, born in 1981 in Uppsala, Sweden, works as a choreographer based in Stockholm. By combining political theories and practices based on feminism, sex positivism, body positivism and queer utopianism, she creates works that challenge and question larger power structures in the modern world.

Characterized by her queer feminist approach, Apetrea’s work explores Western classical and cultural dance, spectacle and conceptual performance to illuminate and question the larger structures of society. In her work, she focuses on breaking down and examining the limitations and obstacles that exist within the choreographic field, which reflects society at large. In Apetrea’s practice, the body, sexuality and shaping of gender expression are central themes.

Apetrea has done her dance education at the Ballet Academy in Stockholm and has a master’s degree in choreography from DOCH, also in Stockholm. Throughout her career, she has continued to critically examine and integrate the politically radical theoretical concepts mentioned above.

Apetrea has also engaged in collective processes and collaborations. She co-founded the ÖFA collective in 2004, a support and discussion group that developed into creating performing arts and performative parties by focusing on collective processes and methods. With ÖFA, Apetrea has participated in and performed various performances, such as Var god tag plats!, ÖFA: Vårkonsert, The lesbian philosophy, ÖFA: DANCE, ÖFA: IMARSCH, ÖFA: MAGIC/LOGIC, ÖFA: What happens in Uppsala stays in Uppsala, ÖFA: MONSTER and ÖFA: DANCEOKE.

Apetrea is also part of Samlingen, a choreographic project where the interest in choreography and feminism is combined with the history of dance. Samlingen is a dynamic project that changes from place to place and includes other prominent dance artists. Together they have created various works, including Samlingen – en danshistoria (Riksteatern) in 2019, and they are currently working on the project Samlingen – Svenska baletten 2020-2025. Samlingen consists of Amanda Apetrea, Nadja Hjorton, Halla Ólafsdóttir, Stina Nyberg and Zoë Poluch.

In recent years, Apetrea has created and performed a number of works both internationally and nationally. Examples of these works include Beauty and the Beast (2011) with Halla Ólafsdóttir featuring Lisen Rosell and lighting master Chrisander Brun (prize winner of jardin d’europe 2013), DEAD (2017) and Sälkvinnorna (seal women) (2023) with Ólafsdóttir, I’m a Very Understanding Woman (2015), SPRINGITME (2019) and There will be men (2021) with Cornelius (formerly Mica Sigourney) and Daniel Åkerström-Steen, Grottbjörnens Folk (2017) with Nadja Hjorton, Lisen Rosell, Chrisander Brun and Daniel Åkerström Steen, Pride and prejudice (2021) and Den första rumpan (2023) with Lisen Rosell, Chrisander Brun and Daniel Åkerström-Steen. Apetrea continues to be an innovative and inspiring force in the contemporary dance world and her work continues to challenge and question prevailing norms and structures.