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Artist Talk: Lesia Pcholka, IASPIS resident artist in Stockholm visits Gothenburg

Welcome to a conversation with the Belarusian artist Lesia Pcholka. Her practice includes photography, video, installations and archival work. In her research, she preserves, analyzes and examines notions of collective memory by collecting local archives and examining memories from the Soviet era, reflecting on contemporary social issues and processing political traumas.

Foto: VEHA arkivet.

Photo from VEHA-museet, Belarus.

From March-May 2023, Lesia is a scholar at IASPIS in Stockholm, where she will continue to work on the VEHA museum project, an independent archive for the preservation of Belarusian visual history. Between April 30 and May 12, a picture from the VEHA archive will be shown outdoors on one of the Konsteepidemin’s stone walls.

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