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Sissel Mutale Bergh

Studio grant holder in Göteborg 10 June – 10 July 2019

Sissel Mutale Bergh. Born: 1974 in Tråante/Trondheim.

The past is present, all though it is hidden in shades and backbones. How can we unravel our (lost and)entangled connections? I work with language, with histories and landscape which lies within South Sami language. Our landscapes and our histories. With the very local knowledge of living within landscapes with its non-human natives. How do or did we make sense of a greater whole?

Foto: Sissel Mutale Bergh

I work with the clashes of different knowledge systems, the hierarchies and humiliations, the vulnerability and the violence. How does this inhabit us?
I am a visual artist and a researcher (as well as filmmaker) and during this Iaspis recidency I will be mapping out the production of history and the history of research on Sápmi – and drawing out the knowledge of the body, the revelations and ideas within Sámi language, – which is to be presented at the GIBCA 2019.

Sissel Mutale Bergh is educated from the National academy of fine art, Oslo and the University of technology in Durban, South Africa. She lived and worked for several years in Lusaka, Zambia before returning to Tråante, and engaging in the decolonialisation of the Nordic.