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Sandra Medina

Studio grant holder at The International Dance Program in Stockholm 15 april – 30 juni 2021

Sandra Medina is a dancer, actress and choreographer with a long experience of working within interdisciplinary practices. She is a freelancer based in Stockholm and works in the dance and theatre field, since 2004 she is part of a collective plattform called Bastardproduktion.

Important and recurring in my work:
Collaborations, I appreciate co-creation.
Exploring methods.
Explore the the contract and contact with the audience.
Humor, openness, intersectional perspectives, improvisation, the unexpected.

Recurring themes:
The body is my guide
Adaptations, resistance, power shifts, restoration.
My projects within different collaborations:
Newfoundland 2003
Nobody is completely evil 2005
IngeIngeInger 2007
Svensk Norm- Skulle du vilja se den här föreställningen 2009-2011
Measured Moment 2013 -2017
Skippin through the graveyard 2014
Allt du önskar 2016
Bothering the othering 2017
Bodywood 2017
Hemsjuka 2018
Dom outtryckta 2019-2021
The dark heart and the sweet part 2019-2021

During my residency at IASPIS I will focus on two projects :

Project 1
Hemsjuka was a performance presented in 2018.
We are revisiting the material and changing it into a film were we keep exploring homesickness, our time of geographical ideological and social homelessness.
Our bodies as homes and places.
Choreography and empathy as means to grasp cases of homesickness.

Project 2
Going where the sun keeps shining
Together with the choreographer, dancer and vocalist Ellen Södehult I will do a 20 minutes piece. We will explore sounds musicality choreography together with the very pretentious  task to make this interdisciplinary work create a new space, somewhere we (Ellen and Sandra) have never been before.