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Nicole Neidert

Artist in residence, Stockholm, September 1 – November 30, 2023

Nicole Neidert is a choreographer and dancer based in Stockholm. Her artistic interests revolve around artificiality, materiality, emotions, and distortions. She blends concrete elements with immaterial ideas through improvisation, intuition, and imagination. These swirls create new contexts, atmospheres, and landscapes.

Photo: Christopher Backholm

Nicole Neidert

While in residence Nicole will explore and deepen her artistic voice in choreography and movement. It will also include a retrospect of exploring and archiving earlier processes. She will delve into previous methods and trajectories to cultivate new ideas, and collaborate with other artists and networks to ignite fresh perspectives.

The residency becomes a place and time for experimentation, immersion, collecting, choreography, and dance. As her work is often project-based, this becomes a space where her artistic work as a whole can be articulated, reconsidered, and spread itself out.

Nicole Neidert (born in 1989) has been active around Sweden since 2012. She was raised in Oslo and Halmstad and is now based in Stockholm. Her stage work has been presented at venues such as Dansens Hus Stockholm, Skånes Dansteater, Norrlandsoperan, SPIRA Kulturhus, Falkhallen Falkenberg, Hjalmar Bergmanteatern, and Malmö Konserthus. Other artistic formats have been showcased at Mutek Mexico and Mutek Japan, Temporary Stabilizations Galleri, Uppsala konstmuseum, Hallands konstmuseum, The Wrong Biennale / BIGGER than BIG – Copenhagen, Fashionclash Festival, CYBERPORT X NIIO Hong Kong, and Skissernas Museum. Nicole was awarded the Birgit Cullberg Stipendiet in 2021. She studied at Balettakademin in Stockholm from 2009 to 2012.

For more information: nicoleneidert.com