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Myles Starr

Artist in Residence, Stockholm, 3 June – 28 August 2024

Myles Starr is an artist based in New York City. He makes paintings and sculptures that address three primary questions: What is a good painting? What is a good sculpture? What makes a good exhibition?

Photo: Myles Starr

Photo: Myles Starr

At IASPIS, he plans to continue a series of paintings that break the picture plane into parts and map his interests, motivations, and thinking.

Starr studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna from 2015-2020 under Heimo Zobernig and is represented by Vin Vin Gallery in Vienna. He has exhibited in Europe, the United States and Latin America. Starr founded the exhibition project SORT (Vienna, 2016-2020) and currently shows other artist’s work at Louis Reed (New York, 2021-present).