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Mirjam Hemström

Artist in residence, Stockholm, 1 November 2023 – 26 April 2024

Mirjam Hemström Farsi is a designer and textile artist. She explores perception through traditional craftsmanship, experimental techniques, and digital tools, drawing inspiration from mobile dwellings, textile architecture, liminal spaces, and places we yearn for. She identifies herself as a “Weaver of Space.” Based in a studio in Stockholm, Hemström Farsi creates art installations and exhibitions, both independently and in collaboration with the weaving group Studio Supersju.

Photo: Ylva Sundgren

Mirjam Hemström

During her residency at IASPIS, Hemström Farsi will explore the theme of textile baths, where the sensory aspect of a space takes centre stage. She investigates spatial qualities using shadows, voids, lines, geometric shapes, and tactile surfaces, exploring the familiar and the plucky. Soft materials and architectural structures guide her work towards a textile verdure.

Hemström Farsi holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in textile design from the Swedish School of Textiles in Borås (2016, 2020). She worked as an assistant at Studio Akane Moriyama from 2016 to 2017. In 2021, she received the Young Swedish Design award for her project “The Metamorphosis of Weaving” (2020). Her work has been exhibited in several art galleries across the country, such as “Att väva rum” at Nässjö Art Hall (2023), “Textilbada” at Härnösand Art Space (2023), “Norðurland” at Kramfors Art Space (2023), as well as internationally, including “Weaves” at It’s a Shirt Gallery & Showroom in Athens (2022) and “Weaver of Space” at the Institut Français du Rwanda (2022).