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Lena Bergendahl

Artist in residence, Stockholm, 1 November 2023 – 26 April 2024

Lena Bergendahl is an artist based in Malmö. She primarily works with short films, video installations, photography, sculptures, and text. Her works often consist of parallel parts that simultaneously illustrate perspectives from the past, future, and present. She navigates through various media and materials, moving from images into the body of a camera, through the digital signals and physical components that transfer the images, down to the mines from which the materials are sourced, and back again. She also explores spaces where viewers can move through the spectrum of a completed film, its script, construction, and references.

Lena Bergendahl

During her time at IASPIS, she will work on an ongoing project called “The Human Orchid.” The project revolves around a film that unfolds in a space between worlds, mediums, orchids, bogs, and marshes. It is a reflection on questions of being, existence, images, depictions, and an exploration of the boundary between life and death.

Bergendahl completed her master’s degree at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm in 2010. Her works have been exhibited in shows including “An Image of What You See” at Gerlesborg Gallery, Gerlesborg (2023); “To the Looker’s Left” at Vermilion Sands, Copenhagen (2022); “An Image of What You See” at Format Gallery, Malmö (2021); “Digital Mutants” at Celsius Projects, Malmö (2019); and “Omnjed” at Lund Art Hall, Lund (2018). She has also participated in residencies at Cité Internationales des Arts, Paris (2022); Cultural Documents, Filignano (2015-2023); and Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht (2017).