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Lou-Atessa Marcellin

IASPIS expert visit in Stockholm 3 – 5 June 2024

Lou-Atessa Marcellin is Director at Theatrum Mundi. Lou researches ideas of ecosophy in the ecological framework which interconnects social and environmental spheres. With a background in Fine Art, a graduate of the Royal College of Art (MA Performance) and UAL Camberwell College of Art (BA Photography), she founded the multidisciplinary research platform Diaspore and a seasonal school called RONCES exploring the making of landscapes in the rural and the urban environment. She has been a visiting lecturer for UAL, the Royal College of Art, The Slade and Goldsmith University.

Theatrum Mundi is a centre for research and experimental learning that seeks to reimagine our cities and who has agency in making them. We do this by facilitating inter-disciplinary and inter-generational conversations that bring diverse practitioners together. Through co-creation and knowledge sharing, we develop methods for world-building and storytelling to imagine alternative narratives for our cities.