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Koi Okamoto

IASPIS expert visit in Stockholm 2 – 6 June 2024

Koi Okamoto, General Manager SETOUCHI TRIENNALE (Japan). Koi Okamoto is the Assistant Director and Project General Manager of SETOUCHI TRIENNALE. She has been with Art Front Gallery (headed by Art Director Fram Kitagawa) for over 20 years, working on solving regional issues through the use of art.She worked as a curator, coordinator, and senior production manager for Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale, Oku-Noto Triennale, Northern Alps Art Festival, Ichihara Art mix, and Uchiboso Art Festival, and currently She serves as the leader of the art festival teams associated.

She completed her master’s degree in architecture at university and has been involved in numerous Art planning for redevelopment projects and collaboration projects with architects and artists; Sapporo Station redevelopment (Sapporo); CCC Daikanyama project (Tokyo); “Butterfly Pavilion /Dominique Perrault “ (Niigata); “Watch Tower/ John Körmeling “ (Kagawa), among others.