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Iris Touliatou

IASPIS artist in residence, Göteborg, in collaboration with GIBCA, April 1 – April 24, 2023

Often in response to a specific context, Iris Touliatou works across various disciplines that are necessary for each intervention. Manifesting in sculpture, drawing, sound, scent and language, her work creates transient forms and shared experiences, to comment on labour, affective economies and states of being. Examining infrastructures and function, attachment and desires, the public and private, Touliatou raises questions on the conditions of artistic production and the institutional frames within which, it exists. She lives and works in Athens, Greece.

Photo: Iris Touliatou

Iris Touliatou

Iris Touliatou has been commissioned to produce a new olfactory artwork diffused in the exhibition venues in GIBCA 2023. The proposal extends the curatorial proposal out of the theoretical in into the physical, forming a key motif in the non-normative exhibition methodologies employed in the staging of the biennial. She will collaborate with Göteborg-based perfumers Doftarkivet to develop the work in April 2023.

Touliatou has recently held solo exhibitions at Kunsthalle Basel (2023); Rodeo London/ Piraeus (2022); Grazer Kunstverein (2022); EXILE Vienna (2020); Radio Athènes (2019). Her work has been included in the group exhibitions Siren (some poetics), Amant, NYC (2022); Driven by Desire, Rongwrong, NL (2022); the New Museum Triennial, Soft Water Hard Stone, NYC (2021); the 7th Athens Biennial, Eclipse (2021); Work and Leisure, Milan (2022); When I state I am an anarchist, PLATO, Ostrava (2022); Anabasis, Rodeo London/Piraeus (2022); Lives of an object ARCH / Melas Martinos (2021); The Way In, Haus N Athen (2021); Anti Structure, DESTE Foundation (2021);The Same River Twice, Benaki Museum, Athens (2019); among others. In 2023 she will participate in the Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art (GIBCA) curated by João Laia and present a new commision at PEER, for her first solo exhibition in a UK institution.